3 Pillars to Wellbeing - Positivity, Creativity & Connection


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3 Pillars to Wellbeing

Experience the transformative power of this Creative Wellbeing Coaching Course! Embark on a journey focused on 3 Pillars to Wellbeing: Positivity, Creativity and Connection, this unique program that combines the science-backed principles of Positive Psychology with the expressive and healing benefits of creative therapies and a dash of coaching. Discover how to cultivate a deep connection with yourself, enhance your overall well-being, and transform stress to strength! 

Unlock the secrets with these Positive Psychology topics:

- Connect to Self

- Character Strengths

- Self-Compassion

- Meaning

- Gratitude

- Resilience

- Connect to intuition

**Elevate each topic through guided meditation, deepening your understanding through targeted coaching questions**

This distinctive blend will help you unleash your creativity, tap into your inner strengths, and foster a positive mindset propelling you towards a brighter future. Don't just exist – thrive with Creative Wellbeing Coaching, focusing on empowering you towards better wellbeing.

Transform through:

- Creative Art Exercises

- Creative Writing

**Amplify each aspect through meditation and deepen your understanding through coaching questions**

Combining Positive Psychology,  Creative Therapies and Coaching, Creative Wellbeing Coaching inspires you to elevate your relationship with yourself and create wellbeing in your life.

Positive Psychology (Science of wellbeing/happiness) -


- Positive Emotions

- Strengths

- Virtues

- Wellbeing and a better quality of life

Creative Arts Therapies :

- Creative Therapies help process emotions in a nonverbal way.

This course focuses on:

- Wellbeing

- Creating positive changes and a positive mindset

- Cultivating more self-compassion

- Gaining confidence

- Fostering self-acceptance

- Emphasising your strengths

Each aspect takes you through meditation and deepen your understanding through coaching questions. Transform from stress to strength and thrive with this unique but simple course!

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3 Pillars to Wellbeing


  • 7 Sections
  • 22 Lessons
  • 11 Quizzes
  • 0 Zooms
  • 1h 30m Duration
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2 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms
  1. What to expect in the course
  2. Preperation for the course
  3. 💎Connect to🌸Earn Points🦋
Connect to Strengths
3 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms
  1. Connect to Strengths
  2. Strengths Meditation
  3. Meditation Complete 🦋
  4. Coat of Arms Creative Art Activity
Connect to Self Compassion
3 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms
  1. Self Compassion
  2. Experiencing Self Compassion Meditation
  3. Meditation Complete 🦋
  4. Write yourself a letter
Connect to Meaning
5 Lessons3 Quizzes0 Zooms
  1. Meaning
  2. 💎Connect to🌸Earn Points🦋Meaning
  3. Savouring best moments in life meditation
  4. Meditation Complete 🦋
  5. Self worth deck of cards - Art Therapy
  6. Self worth deck - Art Therapy Demo
  7. Art therapy coaching questions
  8. 🌸Creative Writing & Coaching Questions Completion Acknowledgment 🌸 - Copy(13)
Connect to Gratitude
4 Lessons3 Quizzes0 Zooms
  1. Gratitude Meditation
  2. Meditation Complete 🦋
  3. 🌸Art Exercise & Coaching Questions Completion Acknowledgment 🌸
  4. Gratitude Letter
  5. Gratitude
  6. Creative Writing Coaching Exercise
  7. 💎Connect to🌸Earn Points🦋Gratitude
Connect to Resilience
4 Lessons2 Quizzes0 Zooms
  1. 💎Connect to🌸Earn Points🦋Resilience
  2. Resilience meditation
  3. Meditation Complete 🦋
  4. Resilience
  5. Challenges Art Therapy
  6. Art Therapy Demo
Creative Conclusion
1 Lesson0 Quizzes0 Zooms
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