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Elevate Your Relationship with Yourself: Creative Wellbeing Coaching Course.             




Elevate Your Relationship with Yourself!

Welcome to this Creative Wellbeing Course, designed to help you enhance your personal development journey and establish a stronger connection with yourself. This transformative online self-study course, created by Claire from Creative Change Coaching, combines the power of positive psychology elements, guided meditations, art therapy exercises, creative writing exercises, and coaching questions. 


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-Positive Psychology Elements: Discover the science-backed principles of positive psychology and how they can enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

– Guided Meditation: Enhance your self awareness, reduce stress, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, fostering a more balanced and creative sense of wellbeing.
– Creative Therapy Exercises: Unleash your creativity and explore the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. Engage in various art activities that promote self-reflection and emotional healing.
– Creative Writing Exercises: Tap into the power of writing as a tool for self-discovery and self-expression. Dive deep into guided writing prompts that support personal growth.
– Coaching Questions: Engage in thought-provoking coaching questions curated to deepen your self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and encourage personal growth. 


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***Enroll Today and Unlock Your True Potential***

Features & Benefits

 Self-paced: Study at your own convenience and progress through the course at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

– Accessible: All course materials are accessible online, making it easy for you to engage from anywhere in the world.

– Comprehensive: Our course combines multiple modalities to provide a holistic approach to personal development, allowing you to explore various creative avenues.


Hear from our satisfied participants who have experienced personal breakthroughs and enhanced their overall wellbeing through this course.
"This course has truly transformed my relationship with myself. I feel more confident, self-aware, and in tune with my needs. I highly recommend it!"
Stella Edwards
"This is a great course for connecting to the positive attributes that you have, but maybe haven't acknowledged. The course is interesting, inspiring and very relaxing!!"
Angelique Hultberg